Buying car insurance for a single day may have been virtually impossible only a few years ago but now it is as easy as pie and hundreds of thousands of UK motorists have been able to buy the car insurance that suits them, rather than having to pay out for a full year's cover or risking driving whilst uninsured.

You do not even have to own the car that you wish to insure so it could be extremely useful if you need to share driving with a friend on a long journey, test drive a car you may want to buy, arrange cover for someone else to use your vehicle for a short while or any one of innumerable reasons. The only stipulation if you drive a vehicle that you do not own is that you have borrowed it, and not hired it. Similarly, you can use this cover for someone you are lending your car to, provided that no money changes hands.

Getting hold of a policy is simplicity itself and since you buy one online you can arrange cover at any time of day or night that suits you. First you will need to get a quotation, and the quote form is short and easy taking around a minute or so to complete. Provided that you meet the insurers criteria; the vast majority of motorists between 18 and 75 should have no problem with this; you will be given an instant quotation and the choice of having a policy lasting for anything between a single day and four weeks, with third-party or comprehensive cover. You will also be given prices for extending the cover for comprehensive risks throughout the rest of the European Community (hardly likely to be needed for a single day's cover, but you never know), as well as optional breakdown insurance.

If you wish to go ahead you will need a credit card; completing the application takes just a few short minutes longer and once you have paid for the policy the documentation will be made available to you for you to download and print out if you wish. This may be a good thing to do since it normally takes The Motor Insurers Database (that is the database that the police use to check on whether or not vehicles are properly insured) around two days to update and if you are only buying insurance for a single day you may prefer to have proof of cover with you just in case it is ever required.

Whether or not a particular applicant will be offered a policy depends upon many factors which include that person's driving record, address, accident record (if any) and the vehicle to be insured; a few accidents or driving offences in the past will not necessarily mean a refusal so if in doubt get a quotation anyway, you have nothing to lose.

So - to get quotations for car insurance for just 1 day please click on the button above. You could have a policy in place within just a few minutes.

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